Azul For Body

AHA Salt Scrub

with Lactic and Glycolic Acids

$25.00 | 120 ml / 4 fl. oz.
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To keep thick, dry-skinned areas of your body soft and youthful, such as the feet or elbows, you can use the AHA Salt Scrub. This intense body scrub utilizes lactic and glycolic acids, along with Dead Sea salts that are high in mineral content, to help soften the skin. Also appropriate for other parts of your body needing exfoliation. Jojoba, squalane and sunflower oils moisturize, while Vitamin E provides antioxidant properties. The next time you are in the shower, all you need to do is swirl the AHA Salt Scrub with your fingertips to blend the salt and oils, apply it to your wet skin (paying special attention to thick, tough, dry areas), and leave it there for up to 10 minutes. The AHA Salt Scrub is such a revelation in skincare that you might even find yourself exclaiming “a-ha!” when you see the results.


Sodium Chloride (Dead Sea Salts), Jojoba Oil, Squalene Oil, Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Key Science

  • Dead Sea Salts – Dead Sea Salts contain more than 20 minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, sulfur, bromide, sodium, zinc and iodine. These minerals are reported to treat, detoxify, and cleanse our bodies and have been used for these properties for ages. In addition, they also act as an exfoliant to eliminate dry, dead skin cells.
  • Jojoba Oil – moisturizes and reconditions the skin, provides protective barrier
  • Squalene Oil – derived from olives, moisturizes, boosts skin ability to retain moisture, protects enhances natural barrier function.
  • Sunflower Oil – Replenishes skin with nourishing fatty and amino acids. Increases moisture retention and provides natural barrier protection
  • Lactic and Glycolic Acids – Alpha hydroxyl acids, exfoliate, reduce wrinkles and pigmentation.
  • Vitamin E – protects from oxidative stress (antioxidant), sooths inflammation, boosts collagen production.


How do I use the AHA Salt Scrub?
Swirl product with fingertips to blend the salt and oils, then step away from the shower stream and massage over wet skin in a circular motion for 10-30 seconds.  Pay extra attention to tough, dry areas.  Can allow to remain on area for up to 10 min if desired.  Rinse thoroughly and pat dry, leaving the skin with some moisture. Remove any salt particles with a cloth as necessary.  Follow with body oil or lotion.

Customer Reviews

1 review

  1. Easy to keep in the shower. It smells great and I can feel the increased smoothness and softness of my skin after use.

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